Saturday, 14 September 2019

Beware Of Whatsapp Hackers: Your Whatsapp May Be In Danger

Hackers have devised a new way to get hold of WhatsApp accounts and you be their next target, so this is coming as a warning and also as a savior to those that has a falling victim of this heartlessness hacker and an eye-opening to those the have not gotten to yet.

Many WhatsApp users have reported that their WhatsApp has been hacked by some unknown persons and the way the hacking take place is very terrible…  The hackers don't only hack their account but also exploit people on their list and give them fake news.

After getting access to your account, they will change your phone number to another phone number then will replace you in every group you belong. An earlier report has it that WhatsApp was hacked by some dangerous hackers and installed sophisticated spyware on any number of people’s smartphones. As it is, no device is very safe as both Android, iPhones, and Windows phones are included.

One of the affected WhatsApp users, confirmed that his phone number was changed and he was automatically removed from a WhatsApp group he belongs to. The supposed hacker then sent messages to the group about an investment that guarantees the investor receiving double of the amount invested within 30 minutes.
To further investigate the hack, a call was put through to the supposed hacker to enquire about the advertised investment. The hacker claimed that “the investment is real and reliable and it’s secured under the Corporate Affairs Commission.”
He then asked the caller to send the desired investment amount to an account number that he provided.

How To Prevent Your Whatsapp Account From Falling Into The Hands Of Hackers

You just have to enable Two-Step Authentication.

Open your WhatsApp and go to  Settings>>Click on Account, Click on Two-step verification, Enter pin, put your email address and save. If any hacker wants to gain access to your account and change your number, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification and without it the account won’t open.
Note: If you are using an unofficial WhatsApp messenger app, switch to the official WhatsApp as soon as possible to be on the safer side.

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