Thursday, 1 August 2019

WhatsApp- You will Now Be Notified If Your Message Has Been Forwarded Many Times

You will soon know when your friend forwards your message and how many forwards it has gotten. The new WhatsApp updates will let users know when their messages are forwarded and how many times. This new feature will reduce the spread of misinformation on its platform. The update notifies people if a message has been forwarded many times.

When a user try's to forward a message that has been forwarded multiple times before, WhatsApp will notify users that it will be marked as “forwarded many times”.

The user may choose to continue to send the message or quit. To recall, a “frequently forwarded” label was anticipated for WhatsApp, but the feature appears different since the label on messages that have been forwarded many times will continue to say “Forwarded” but will have a double arrow icon on it.

According to an update on WhatsApp blog

“We’ve recently introduced an update to our forwarded message label that helps people identify when they’ve received messages that were previously forwarded several times, such as a chain message. These highly forwarded messages will be marked with a double arrow icon and users will receive a notification when they are forwarding such a message,”

The notification will appear only for your messages that have been forwarded at least five times. Messages like that will have a double arrow icon. “This message will be marked as forwarded many times,” as the notifications will read. It works with text messages, images, and videos.

WhatsApp will label messages that have been forwarded more than five times, but will never label the exact number of times it has been forwarded.

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