Saturday, 3 August 2019

GBWhatsApp Is Officially Shutting Down Their Services

This heartbreaking news will wet the eyes of many WhatsApp users that love having a nice and pimp WhatsApp experience in which GB WhatsApp has it all in one piece. Many people prefer using GBWhatsapp than the official WhatsApp that has no much feature and regular interface.

The Heartbreaking news is that GBWhatsapp is officially shutting down; the announcement was made by the developer via their official Telegram channel which in the update they announced that they are officially shutting down their service with no further developments.

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Bellow is the update made by the developer:

We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp.

It was a great time with all you people.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Hence we have closed all the Site, Social Accounts, and Everything.
There will be no further development.

Am not sure any GBWhatsapp user prepared for this and till now many users are really shocked and weren’t expecting something like this to happen. Had it been the reason for the sudden decision was made we will know how to endure but there hasn't been any reason for the shutdown has been revealed by the developers.

Developers behind GBWhatsApp are still the same developers that developed GBWhatsApp+ and the new version of WhatsApp+, the two clients are also expected to stop their services as soon as it takes.

The latest version of GBWhatsApp (v7.25) was released on July 21, 2019, the update came with pretty cool features and even put a stop to the banning an (anti-ban update) that affected almost all GBWhatsapp users (Maybe that's why the decision to shut down their services). Current users of the service will be able to use the app until around the end of August when the app is set to expire due to lack of updates.

GBWhatsApp has a lot of features that make using WhatsApp more fun and cool.

My Word Of Advice

If you are using GBWhatsapp, try as much as possible to backup your chats, then download the official WhatsApp app from the Google play store then switch to it, after switching, you can import the backup you have made via your Gmail or any were.

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