Friday, 16 August 2019

Ayoba- MTN Instant Messenger App that May Take Over WhatsApp and Telegram

MTN has been cooking some wonderful something for you and me, something that may take over WhatsApp and telegram. MTN has launched an instant messaging app called "Ayoba" that may take over Whatsapp and Telegram as am seeing things. We all know that MTN Telecom is very good at advertising there products and services and also MTN is the most popular Telecom company in Africa as of now.

This new MTN instant messaging mobile app called ‘Ayoba’ which have been in beta version for months but has just been launched allow users send and receive messages, chat with your friends, transfer money and more. According to MTN translation of the name the choice for the app, Ayoba simply means ‘super cool..... which also translate that every MTN service is super cool. the app optimized for memory efficiency as its size is drastically small when compared to Telegram and WhatsApp.

This MTN "Ayoba" instant messaging app is quite different from other instant messaging apps in the sense that it has SMS integration, meaning that you can send a message to anyone even if they are not using Ayoba.

Currently, the app has already gotten over 500K downloads and it’s yet to officially launch in Nigeria with over 60 million subscribers base. I think MTN is waiting for the perfect time to officially announce the app in Nigeria coupled with the fact that they just obtained a Super Agent Licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria to aid its Fintech -Yello Digital Financial Services Limited.

Major Features Of Ayoba

1. Ayoba is free to use. You only need data to send messages and files to your contacts, but  MTN may provide this data for free too.

2. You can easily share videos, images, audio, and other files with your contacts.

3. You can connect to anyone in your existing address book to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts.

4. You can send SMS text messages with anyone in your contact even to those that did not have Ayba installed on their phones.

5. Ayoba has instant messaging features, meaning you can Instantly send and receive text and voice messages with any of your contacts.

6. The app has end-to-end encryption. Which means your messages cannot be read by anyone else

7. You can easily create your own group for easy communication with friends and family.

8. It has the feature that allows you to share real-time location with your contacts without hassle

9. You can also make calls within the app using your voice connection

10. You can also send and receive payments via Mobile Money (Coming Soon)

Where and How to Download Ayaba App

Currently, the app is only available to Android users. Android users can go to play store and download theirs while iOS users should have patience as the iOS version is not yet out

How to Install and Start Use

Ayeba app installation process is very simple as your Whatsapp app installation, all you require is the pin that has been sent to the phone number you registered with.

Opening the app, you will notice that the app interface looks similar to that of WhatsApp, users can easily import contacts from their phone contact list.

The sidebar has the option where you can explore more things so you can have a little bit fun. You can also set a download limit on the base of the setting on your data budget, you can set it in a way that doesn't allow it download media that is greater than 20MB and you can also compress files if you want. Chats backing up to the cloud and end-to-end encryption option is provided with the app.

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