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Promoting the Business on LinkedIn: Step by Step Guide

LinkedIn is a social network for business connections that has over 467 million members worldwide. Its power grows all the time and every second someone creates a LinkedIn login. If you decided to develop your brand online, LinkedIn must be the part of your marketing campaign.

These tips for LinkedIn profile improvement are rather effective if you want to boost your online presence, but a business promotion would require a more serious strategy. Here is a simple guide how to develop your business with the help of LinkedIn.

1. Optimize Your Own LinkedIn Profile

You may wonder what your personal profile has to do with promoting your business. People are interested in other people and they will always check who represents a brand. The viewers of your company page are very likely to visit your personal profile and the profiles of all the members of your team. That is why it is essential to start your marketing campaign with improving your own profile. What impression does it make? Would you work with yourself? List your skills, experience, and certifications. Update status, publish articles and interact with others. Your goal is to show that you are a thought leader in the industry.

2. Create A Company Page

Once you are sure you have an effective LinkedIn profile, it is time to create one for your company. The company page should allow customers to learn about your company history, workers, services and products. You should also use it to share company’s updates. It is necessary to do it regularly to achieve better engagement. However, do not share something just to make a post and appear in the feed. Relevant content that is interesting for the followers would help to develop your company page faster. The cover image is also important. It should include your company’s logo and reflect your brand.

3. Gain The Audience

Relevant content and the audience are two key components for making your company page effective. Once you are sure your company page is great, your next task is to boost its visibility. Start with optimizing your company’s page for search.
To make it SEO-friendly, insert keywords into the profile information. Another great thing to do is to add your company page link to your website. Getting more followers could also increase the reach of your page. Start with adding the employees who will share your page on their profiles. Then you may also invite customers and partners. Promote your company page in blog posts and emails to attract new followers.

4. Sponsor Your Posts

When your post gets high engagement, you might want to sponsor this content to get the attention of more professionals. The number of likes, comments, and shares will help realize what publications should be promoted. LinkedIn advertising will make your post appear in the news feeds of professionals (your target audience). It will be visible both on mobile devices, and computers. Showing your Company Page updates to more people will help you attract new followers and increase the brand awareness. After you use the ads, remember to check the number of leads the sponsored content brought you.

5. Learn to Understand The Analytics

No matter what you do, it will not be fully effective, if you do not analyze the results of your actions. It is easier to create a good content and think through a marketing campaign when you know the possible reaction of the audience and its preferences. LinkedIn analytics dashboards may provide you with the necessary data that reflects the behavior of the followers. Monitoring and analyzing these statistics will help you to achieve better results. LinkedIn analytics may seem confusing and difficult to understand at first. But eventually, it will give you the clear picture of your company page progress.

Following these five steps will help you to grow your business with the help of LinkedIn marketing. Remember to put into practice all the recommendations and keep up the good work regularly to achieve the results. Once you see that it works, you will not be able to stop.

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