Monday, 9 April 2018

Activate MTN 100% Double Data With This New Method

Hello guys, you still remember the MTN double data bonus that was rocking some time past with the help of tweaking our IMEI? Those who rocked the offer can remember that MTN scraped the percentage of the data bonus offer from 100% to 20% some on some phones and also made it to stop working totally on other phones.

Fortunately for you guys, I have find a way to make it work even perfect than it was working before. With this new method, you will once again enjoy the 100% data bonus offer to browse, stream online, chat and much more with your phone.

In this tutorial, tweaking, rooting, mobile uncle etc is not needed because everything has been made easy for you to rock.

How To Activate MTN 100% Double Data Bonus

  1. Get a new MTN Sim and register it, or use your old MTN Sim
  2. Now go to your messaging app
  3. SMS DOUBLE to 131
  4. SMS PROMO to 131
  5. SMS Free t 131
  6. Now you will receive 3 messages
  7.  1st message. "You request has been received"
  8.  2nd message "You have sent an invalid command"
  9.  3rd message "Dear customer enjoy Data on MTN Zone, Dial *131*1#

The third message determines if your Sim has been eligible for the double data offer. I will advise you to start with little data like 50MB and check if you get a double of your data which is 100MB. If you were able to get it, proceed but if you weren't, try the above method again.

Now after receiving the last message, go ahead and get your data bundle by dialing *131*1# and your data plan will be doubled.

If you want to check your data bundle, dial *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131 and you will see your data bundle.

Good Luck.

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