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7 differences between LED channel Letters and Neon Channel Letters- which one should you choose?

If you are planning to set up a shop or an office, then you should invest in illuminated signage for its advertisement. The idea of using illuminated signage has become very popular because they can grab the attention of the people much more efficiently than a regular street sign. These signs are visible around the clock and can be used to display promotional messages as well. For example, if you want to give information about some special offers or scheme, you can easily do it using this innovative technology.

The two most popular choices of illuminated signage are LED channel Letters and Neon Channel Letters. We are making a brief comparison between both of these options so that it is easy for you to make the final decision.

What are LED channel Letters?

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LED channel letters are custom made letters which are created using LEDs. The LED bulbs are closely joined together. This is done to ensure that the emitting lights overlap and creates an overall bright light. This category of channel letter is covered in the polymer jacket. This protects them external damage. LED channel Letter are very cheap and provide give desirable results.

What are Neon Channel Letters?

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`Neon channel letters uses neon gas covered in a glass tube. This gives a dimensional look to the channel letters. The light emits inside the glass tube because of the neon gas and creates beautiful fluorescent colors due to the release of the energy. The glass tube also protects the lights from harsh weather conditions.

 1. Cost
Although the price of the channel letters depend on the shape and size but still, LED, channel letters are somewhat cheaper than Neon channel letters. However, if you want to buy them for a very small dimension, then the difference between the prices of both the option is negligible. Therefore, the price LED price is favorable only for the large signs.

 2. Power usage
LED channel letters use much less power than the Neon channel letters. In fact, LED signs to use 10-15 times less energy than the neon signs. Thus, your electricity bill would be reduced up to many times if using LED signage. However, again, if you want the signs for smaller dimensions, the power used by neon signs would become same as LED. 

 3. Maintenance
LED channel letters do not require maintenance at all as they have no gases or glass tubes. They are just small lights which are very bright. On the other hand, neon lights are inside a glass tube. This glass tube is full of neon gas. The neon gas turns out eventually, and even if the lights get fused inside the tube then you will have to buy new signage ultimately. Moreover, it is much easier to clean the LED lights than the neon lights.

 4. Safety
LED lights are not made from harmful materials and can be recycled easily. They do not require any special disposal method and are even shockproof; whereas neon lights are fitted inside a glass tube. This means that there is always the risk of breakage. These lights also contain dangerous gases and materials. Therefore, LED light is much safer than the neon signs.

 5. Brightness
Neon lights cannot be seen from a large distance and are not visible in the brightness of the day. They become almost invisible in the winters because of the fog. LED lights can be seen from a much larger distance, and they can be seen even during daylight as well. Thus, it can be inferred that LED lights are brighter than the neon lights.

 6. Effect on the environment

LED lights use much less power than the neon lights. They are 10-15 time more efficient, and they are not made of the dangerous material. It is difficult to recycle the neon channel letters, and they contain mercury as well. Therefore, LED channels are environment-friendly than any other type of channel letters.

 7. Appeal
The light emitted by neon lights is warm and glamorous. They are very popular in the crowded streets of cities like Las Vegas and Tokyo. On the other hand, LED lights are not attractive and graceful. They have very simple and old-school appearance. LED lights are a good option if you want to give official messages, but if you want to add some glamour to the signage, then you should use neon channel letters.

This was a short comparison between neon channel letters and LED channel letters. You can make your decision based on your preferences. If you are running an alluring business such as a casino or a fast food shop, then you can go for neon lights, and if you are running a simple business such as a stationary shop then you can try LED lights. However, before making a final decision, you should keep other factors such as power usage, price, etc in mind.

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