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Blogging vs. Micro-Blogging: Which One to Choose?

Who could have thought during the 20th century that nowadays we would have such a huge information base on the World Wide Web? Just several years ago, reaching the public through Internet wasn’t as effective as now. But things changed and since then, more and more people became involved in social media on a daily basis.

Blogging is the fastest way to reach the targeted audience almost instantly. Traditionally, the term “blogging” was referred to using such blogging platforms as WordPress or Blogger. In the recent years, however, the choice became even wider. Even on YouTube or Instagram, there is a plenty of video and photo bloggers with their personal accounts where they can interact with the reader even more actively.

So, if you want to become a blogger and create your own domain, first of all, you need to select one of the best web hosting companies. There are also specialized blogging websites or countless social media platforms. While the first ones envisage a blogging format, the latter is rather good for microblogging. Both can equally target and reach the audience effectively, there are just some slight differences to know about.
Blogging is a great power; it allows posting articles on multiple topics, not only for skillful writers or journalists but also for businesses as a part of their social media marketing strategy. It wouldn’t be a mistake if we draw parallels between blogging and online diaries. Several text paragraphs written in a sincere manner can help organizations and companies gain trust of thousands of potential customers. Besides, blogs make a perfect online resource for us to find answers to many topical issues.
Compared to a typical blogging, microblogging gives both the author and his audience a great mobility. The purpose of one if to share a short message to the global audience, whether it’s a video, picture, sound, small text or even a hyperlink. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram (if not exceeding about 140-150 characters) and many other media platforms did everything to make the communication process between bloggers and their users real-time and easy. Thus, microblogs became sort of a big trend lately. Here is more information about microblogging.
Which of the Two Should You Choose?
So, you’ve learned the main differences between blogging and microblogging, but there are still moments you need to clarify, like which of those two can fit your own preferences, goals, opportunities and even a lifestyle.
Choose blogging if …
  • You have good writing skills and your own unique writing style;
  • You are not afraid to express your opinion on different topics;
  • Your targeted audience is ready to read your long posts;
  • You have a desire and time to publish such a bulky content regularly.
Choose microblogging if …
  • You want to spend the least time on posting content;
  • You are ready to regularly share real-time data from your life;
  • You have a desire to interact actively with your followers (retweeting, commenting, liking, responding to private messages etc.);
  • You are ready for an instant feedback;
  • You carry an electronic device (smartphone, tablet) with enough data to stay in touch almost 24/7.
We wouldn’t lie if we say that both blogging and microblogging contribute to your business promotion and development. It’s just every person prefers its own way of getting information: some are still fans of traditional blog posts, while the others scroll down their social media feed and choose the content they are interested in the most. That’s why it’s important to know the main preferences of your potential audience to make their reading experience as convenient as they want.

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