Friday, 15 September 2017

Why Your Google Adsense Units Has Stop Displaying and How To Get It Back

Panicking? I know you are, but you shouldn't be. I woke up this morning then visited my blog to view the look and also to get some inspiration on some of the content I wrote so that I could start for ttoday's  update.

As I log on to my site, I was surprised to see my Adsense unites no more, I panicked for some time then got back to my mind, I refreshed my blog page but still the same thing, so I decided to search for a solution in which I was successful in getting, and will be sharing it here with you guys.

Why Your Google Adsense Unites Are Not Displaying

First of all, I want to assure you that your Adsense has not been banned, Google is just having a software upgrade that has caused many Adsense seize to display ads unites mostly Adsense account that is not up to a year so do not panic because soon your Adsensedsense unites will start displaying again.

Is My Adsense Ban

No! it hasnt, as far as you have not received any Google-No-Reply email, so all you have to do is wait for it to show up again

How To Get It Display Again Withing 5 munites

If you cant wait for Google to finish their update, you can create a new adsense unite and paste it on your blog, then wait for 5 munites for it to start displaying ads unites.

If you have any more questions or enquiries, just drop your comment and it will be attended too.

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  1. is their any way to boost clicks on ur adaense???

    1. Boost your traffic and disable low cpc. You can also bost it with facebook ads