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Updated: How To Create and Verify USA PayPal Account With Payoneer Master Card

Today we are going to be looking into the easiest method to verify a USA base PayPal account in Nigeria. PayPal which is an Amazone owned payment platform is no doubt the largest payment method that the world recognizes, in my venture online, PayPal has been my #1 cashout platform from all the top companies in the world.

But unfortunately, some new freelancer have been disappointed coming to the knowledge that PayPal does not work with their local banks and therefore their funds are locked in, or they pay very expensive 3rd party services to access their money. Due to this, the freelancers lose out on a number of projects that could scale their freelancing career to a new height. I have seen it happen many times, while many of them have been discouraged by quitting the work by which they make some money online.

Over three years, PayPal services have been in Nigeria and 9 other countries. But I cant tell the reason why PayPal does not yet remove the restrictions on other features, especially the ability to receive fund/payment i.e Nigeria PayPal cannot receive fund/payment. Meanwhile, many people have been sourcing way of getting a PayPay were they have no limit on what the do with, while in the other hand Nigerians and other non-supported countries have tried opening other countries PayPal account, especially that of the USA which is the best of all. Many Nigerians have been opening USA PayPal account, although some got it right while some got it wrong and get banned at the end with their money inside it.

I have seen lots of information on the internet on how to open and verify a USA PayPal account in Nigeria, but believe me that most of them are useless or outdated, when you use the procedure listed to get a USA PayPal, you risk your money and your time because you will get ban in one way or the other.

Because of that, I have brought together the latest information on how to open a PayPal account outside of giving countries and how to verify PayPal account all over the world, this method work on all countries. I have used this method to open a couple of USA PayPal account with 0 records of ban or account malfunctioning. In fact am running a business PayPal account, meaning it has many functions and features than the normal PayPal account and all my transactions have been very very smooth.

Let's forge ahead with how to get the USA PayPal functioning within few munites, I will do my best not to make the procedures complicating or too long.

1. A working valid email address
2. An active Payoneer account or US Virtual Card
3. A VPN with strong and steady IP
4. A USA citizenship ID

In this method, we are going to make use of Payoneer Master Card so be sure you have gotten yours available, but if you have not, see the full procedure on how to get yours for free HERE.

If you have yours already when you log into Payoneer you will see that you have been giving a US Payment Service Information such as Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number and Account Type. With those, you can bank as if you have a bank account in the USA, as its disguise to help you receive money from any part of the globe when other techniques fail for free. If you wish to sign up and earn free $25 instantly kindly sign up with our affiliate link and get your $25 rolling inside your account.

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Now you are set, just visit and get a USA citizen ID for yourself, it's not necessary you sign in with any of your social accounts but to keep a record of your activity you need to sign in using your GooglePlus incase feature needs arises.

Now when you visit, choose USA as your country Click on the Gender and select your right gender (Male or Female), leave the name as you see it which is automatically set to ‘American’ and Country to United States, now click on the ‘Generate’ button to generate a US citizen profile.

Now after you have generated your free USA citizenship ID, click on ‘Save this name’ to save the profile with your Google account so you can provide same profile if ever PayPal requires it in the future.

Now you need a to create a new Gmail or Yahoo email address that you will use only for PayPal, make sure you don't use this email address for any other thing so that PayPal will not detect an unusual activity in your account.

Now make sure your VPN is on and running well, you can use Opera VPN or Speedify VPN if you are using a phone while if you are on PC, make use of the latest Opera browser that has a VPN feature or you can use Windscribe VPN to change your location to USA . Change your location to USA, you can visit to be sure that you are in the right location.

Now visit and click on SignUp, then create an account there. Fill in your detail, space for email input the email you just created, and don't forget to choose the United State as your Country or region. Fill the rest of the form and ensure to use the same names you used on your Payoneer account on PayPal as well. Also make sure you use the address and Zip code you got from the generated profile, while you can visit here to see how you can get a free USA number.

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Now when you complete your application, a verification link will be emailed to you. Click on the ‘Yes, this is my email’ button on the email sent to you to begin the activation of your PayPal account.

Now to get a PayPal account that provides comfort and token of credibility to your employer who is going to pay you in near future, you need to verify your PayPal account. There are two ways to which you can link and verify your PayPal account with Payoneer and they are.

  1. By adding your Payoneer card to PayPal; and
  2. By adding Bank account number and routing number is given to you by Payoneer to PayPal.

When you verify your PayPal with Payoneer account, you will have access to transfer money from PayPal to Payoneer and withdraw your money without no stress.

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How To Link Payoneer Master To USA PayPal Account

1: You don't necessarily need a huge amount of money in your Payoneer account, in my own case I was just having $2.55 in my Payoneer account.

2: Go to your PayPal account by visiting and then to the account profile
In this our procedure we are going to verify our PayPal account with the two ways to ensure a strong, authentic and legit PayPal account that can never be ban.

3: From the drop-down menu, choose Link a card

4: Now input the sixteen digits of your card numbers

5: Input the expiry date of the card in the next text box

6: Input your CVV (CSC) number. This 3-digit number on the back of your card

7: Now your billing address will automatically appear but if not just enter it

8: Now Click Save and you are done.

9: As soon your Payoneer Master card is connected to your PayPal, you will be verified with 60% bar and you can start using it to receive and make payments online.

Verifying USA PayPal With Bank Account Number and Routing Number Given to You by Payoneer

This procedure is also another way to verify your USA PayPal account, By adding a bank account to your PayPal Account you do not need to have any money in your Payoneer Master card. Follow the below procedure and see how to go about it.

1: Now login to your USA PayPal account

2: Now drag the pointer to the right hand of your homepage or dashboard and hover it on “profile” or on Confirm your account as it may appear.

3: Choose Link a Bank

4: Select I have a different bank

5: Now  scroll down and Enter account number manually

6: Enter the Bank details that you had received from Payoneer US Payment Service, like Account number and Routing number. (You can also get this info by login to your Payoneer account, from the home page, click 'Global Payment Service'. You will see the needed detail there).

7: Then click on 'Agree and Link' button. This will take 2-3 business days to get processed.

8: Small cents will be sent to your Payoneer account by PayPal

9: Withing this 2-3 business day, PayPal will send a specific amount on $$ into your Payoneer account, You are expected to log into your PayPal and enter the cents in the correct spaces provided to you by PayPal.

10: After you done that correctly, your Payoneer account becomes linked and verified with PayPal! Now, you will be able to transfer the money paid into your PayPal to the US bank, which you added and you can withdraw it in your local bank through your Payoneer Master Card.

Warnings: Please make sure you use a steady US IP address while accessing your USA PayPal Account. Dedicate one browser for this alone, otherwise clear your browser cache and cookies always before login to your US PayPal Account.For me, i use Opera browser for PayPal alone.
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