Saturday, 30 September 2017

How To Share Your Mobile Data While Using A VPN

Aha sounds kind of impossible right? Well, I can tell you with all confidence that it's not impossible and after reading this article you'd quite agree with me.

Well who remembered back then when mobile data cheat was still the sending the 100H to 131 and the cloning of the Etisalat sim, well as things change  their sim to be improved with the network and they patch their vulnerabilities but not Whit standing cheat has taken a new style and that's VPN you'd quite agree with me that most cheat these days are of either tweakware, 51vpn, office VPN or the anonym.

So in this scenario, one would love to share his/her cheat data with friends but can't do that because it's not allowed on your device well all that is a story now.

How To Share Data While Using VPN.
√ Firstly this works with rooted phones and if you'd like to root yours be careful.
√ Download the VPN tethering app Here
√ Put on your mobile connect your VPN.
√ Open the VPN tethering app and click on active.
√ Let your friend connect via WiFi and viola were done.

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