Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to buy cheap phones from China

Who doesn't love cheap things? Well left for me I do, but anyways that's not our priority for now. Today I would be giving a very descriptive tutorial on how to buy cheap smartphones from China.

China being one of the most populated in the world yet with one of the best economy in the world, varying with industries both large and small of recent I went into importing of foreign wristwatch from China, at first I thought I was into some kind of scam but as it seems  my wristwatches were delivered to me which I sold at an expensive amount.
But we are here to discuss on mobile phones, importing of smartphone from China is kind of cool considering the cheapness of the phone.

How To Import Mobile Phone From China.
First of all, I would list a few trusted sites to buy cheap phones from.
From the above listed sites, you could choose anyone checks their terms and conditions and gives it a try. My advice is to start small.

What To Look Out For In Phones.
Most people just go ahead importing any kind of phone without checking the memory capacity, RAM, version, and battery capacity before importing. These days it's rare to find someone using Android 2.0 or any version less than 4.0 so importing an Android of such version no matter how cheap is just a waste of time and resources.
So I'd suggest to you when importing try to be the customer here, be in their shoes and reason out what you feel the customers would love.

How Long Does It Take Before Delivery?
Well it all depends on size,and mode of importation if you choose the free delivery service don't expect it to come under a week I have used it before and I can tell you that most times I wait for a month or two, but with services like DHL, FedEx you get your package delivered within a week, but it has it own cost for countries like China delivery cost using DHL or FedEx cost up to $20-$50.

So my lovely readers with the above article I believe I have paved your way into becoming a successful importer.
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