Monday, 4 September 2017

GENIUE SINCERITY: A Story Of a 45 Years Igbo Man

Sometimes the transport fare which we need to enable us to reach to what we want in life is not necessary Certificate grade, Business Capital, Political Offices, Luck but Sincerely in totality. Here is a Story of a 45 years Igbo man who live in Enuguezike area town of Anambra state. He has only primary school Certificate. A wife & two kids. He strives long to have wave in life but all efforts waggle up on failure, Hold up. He found himself an apprentice under a Carpentry work. He works tirelessly to appoint that other young apprentices make jest of him.

A German usually passed by the street to his Company, He do see this man busy every time he is passing, He began to wonder in mind how much is this man receiving monthly that make him keep the do always. One day the German brought in awrecked door for repair. He uses this opportunity to inquire secretly how much this man is collecting each month. The Igbo laugh & said "Or-ibo look is not how much I collect but every day I serve with sincerity, I go to bed happily. But if you still want to know my salary, I will tell you it's #8000."

The German left quietly after giving out his number to him, On Saturday, He called the Igbo man to informed him that he is going to travel abroad with him, So he should think about it & get ready in 4 days time if he accept the offer. This was a shocking news to this man, He think He could not help himself. He narrated this to some of his friends, They told him that these white people are very dangerous, the man may use him 4 rituals, He got to be very careful. he Ask his wife what to do, the wife says she doesn't no ooh. 

This offer scare him to death. He said in his mind" Book I don't know, Money I don't have, Relative I don't have in Or-ibo land. So this man will just kill me like afowl? No God help me, what can I do now? On the 3rd day. One Out of his four friends visited him & told him that look, My friend, if you stay here you will die of poverty one day, If you go there you will die then what is the difference? Considered yourself a dead person & move forward. Even if you die you have another experience of life between you die, you enter plan, you see Or-ibo land before  you die. And what if God plan that you should live there? Life is about risk so take it & leave.

The man ran to the German & said yes I will go with you tomorrow. The German says good. Mean while his Visa was already processed. The next day, the traveling day. At Aminu kano airport, His heart bit. He took an excuse to talk to his wife the last time, He said:" my wife oo See take Care of my kids, If na bad na my neck, if na good, na for me & you." He entered the plane & see him in Germany.

That month the German took him to a factory where he works with people, Sleep in Companys quarter's after few months, the man take him Out & make him a manager of his Supermarket.Behold everything change, New dressing, New car, New duple, New salary, New friends New life. It was towards the end of the year. He send his wife money & the wife took some of the German raw Currency to the Church for testimony.

No matter how long you traveled in a wrong direction, there is always a chance to CHANGE the direction. As long as you breathe, there is always a chance to make right & Cliff to the clean path. It all has to do with Your burning desire. sometimes it even comes when you don't expect. When life know that you are over zealous on a particular issue, nature will make sure that you are frustrated on every angle of your effort. 

However, no matter how long a bird lives in Cage, It can't for get it unquenching ambition of freedom. No matter how Nigeria suffers insecurity sickness, From the hand of malicious selfish politician who operates under the shield of insurgency, We can't stop hoping for freedom of movement, business transaction, Election. Because they are Our birth right as Citizen.

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