Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Five (5) Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make

Gone are those days were young men and women joining the blogging business do so in other for them to share ideas and knowledge to people around the world, in other words, helping better the lives of others without any interest of getting pay at the end of the day. Today we have many able individuals in the blogging business that are making huge income from it while others are getting frustrated and are liable to quit anytime soon.

To be sincere, people joining blogging this day do it not because they want to just help the world by sharing their knowledge, skills, and advice via blogging platform without any interest in making income but because they want to make it as a money generating platform, and that's the reason you see many young stars quitting blogging because their expectation was turned down by what the got to see and experience while blogging.In this article, I will be tackling some issues I have come to notice among young bloggers.

Yes for sure you can make a good living and huge income from blogging but
The question here is if you are willing to take things further than limiting yourself to a point.

Two things in this world that are had to find are (1) True Love (2) Sincere Advice. My aim of creating this blog is to help others achieve their goals in life, provide most wanting knowledge and solutions. 

I have done my very best to keep to that. I know am not the best blogger out there but when evaluated I stand out to be one among the best. Many new bloggers have contacted me privately, asking me the way to make money from blogging just a few weeks or month the started blogging, my sincere advice to them is that the should focus more on what to give than gain. That's how the blogging business grows, while most tell me that if they do not see any change in some given time the will quite and find something else for themselves.

In this article, I will be leasting out 5 mistakes you are actually making in your blogging career that makes blogging appear as a waste of time rather than an avenue of making a better living for yourself.

 1: Limiting Your Income On Google Adsense and Other Adverts Platform

Many new bloggers limit their blogging career income only on Google Adsense. Yes, I know you can make huge mouth-watering income from Google Adsense, but how often do you figure out other ways of making some money with that your blog you spend 15 hours a day updating apart from Google Adsense.

You can seek out for companies to come have their post or products feature on your blog and also sale your own personal products on your blog.

This has worked for many bloggers and will continue working, many individuals have the mind of patronizing goods the see online than the ones in a shop, that's while Jumia, Konga, Gearbest, Alixpress and other online stores will continue making huge income because they have this secret with them. So think of a product best known to you that you can start selling from your blog.

 2: Limiting Your Knowledge To Juts Posting Articles

Funny but its very very true! Some bloggers do not even know how to move or add a new widget on blogger layout, this, in turn, cost them money to get someone to fix any issue for them. Learning to design and tush your blog yourself will be of a great help and advantage for you, who knows, people might start employing you to help them out on their own blog and in turn, you can make little money from them that can serve you as a subscription money.

I have written lots of articles that can help you learn how to design a blog most especially blogs on blogger platform. So do yourself a favour by searching it using the search button or tap on the blogging lable made available on this blog.

 3: Bad Planing

Many new bloggers have find themself planning what to do with Google adsense money before the even recieve it, while at the end may get disappointed in one way or the other. My little advice to you is to limit the rate you plan for money you have not yet recive from Google Adsense because you may go into dept hoping to pay off from the money you have made from google adsense thstvid yet to be sent to you and at the end of the day getting disappointed. Am not praying it happen to any of us but it have been happening and will not sieze to.

 4: Giving Up So Quick

Many people have quite blogging just because their expectation from blogging did not work out, belive me, nothing in this world comes easily, you have to sacrifice and work for any good thing that will come your way. I know blogging can be frustrating artimes but thats not a good reason to give up on your dreams. So stand up today and work to achive your expectations.

 5: Copying And Pasting

Funny! Almost all bloggers copy peoples work but not all paste them on their blogs, those that edit and add their own words, language and idea appear greater than those that lift peoples work to their blogs. My advice to you today is that you should do your best not to lift peoples work to yours, it will go a long way in building your blog and carving a name for it.

I promise you that if you can bookmark this page, try and go through it each time you feel like you are getting some things wrong, it will go a long way to get you on track and help you to figure out the mistake you have made.

That's my limit for today. For sure if you apply them to your blogging career, you will join the successful blogger's team soon.

I still remain Wisdom Agbai (WisProf)
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  1. Prof Prof! one thing I love about the way you handle your blog and it readers is your sincerity. You are one of the few sincere bloggers out there. Thank you and may God lift you above all.