Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Notice To All Our Visitors About The New Changes On Wisprof Blog (

Hello everyone, you all are ones again welcome to this great technology blog known as that has come change the lives of internet users both old and young that stumble upon it in one way or the other.

Am glad and want to use this medium to say a big thank you to all our visitors and members that have made this blog their number one source of information and solution. Am grateful to you all for the selfless contributions this blog, my prayer is that we all we make it to the top some day.

Why We Change From Wizprof To Wisprof
If you notice recently, there have been some changes on this blog that have to seriously explain to you all, but due to how fast things happen especially the one that comes unaware, we failed to provide an update on that. Why am writing this article today is to let us know what really happened recently that course a sudden change of our web address (URL) from to, our sudden change of the title of our WhatsApp group from Wizprof Technology to Wisprof Technology, our new web site design and other unseen changes.

As things happen so quick, why we change from to was that our AdSense that used to fetch us big amount of money at the end of the month was recently banned by google for a reasonably well known by them and in that case coursing ads not to display on the formal URL we use to use, that's why we have to move to another domain so we could be able to display google advert on our blog.

Why We Change Our Blog Design
The reason above covers all other reason why you notice on our blog accept the change in blog design. We change our blog design to give our visitors a better view of our articles and documents and also to see that our visitors have the best user experience while surfing our blog.

Nothing has changed on our services, gifts, adverts, guest post policies, free airtime give away as we still maintain the same policy and services.

That's the far we can go on the explanation of the sudden changes you are seeing on our blog. We have promised to bring out the best in us to make this blog one the best technology blog you have ever come across. Invite your friends to the WISPROF.COM so they can also enjoy the new things you are about enjoying.

We promise to enhance the design of our blog and navigation so that you could have a good time surfing our blog.

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Thanks for your visits and contributions to this blog. Once again invite all your friends to

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