Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hidden Secret: How To Apply For Google Adsense And Get Approval Faster

Quote me wrong, the happiest moment of every blogger is that moment you check your mail box and see that warm welcome email from Google Adsense team telling you that your AdSense application has been fully approved and ready to use. It will be like the heaven host came with your blessings at that moment as you will feel as a potential thousaniare/ millionaire.

But how sad it is to always receive the annoying message from Google that your application has been denied and can not be accepted due to some reasons we may not like to go through.

In this post, i will be showing you how to get Google Adsense approval within few days some times it takes only hours. People will not tell you the secret to how they always get Adsense approval without putting much work to it meanwhile you have been trying the whole week to get a single Adsense approval.

I will take it step by step in this tutorial so that you too can feel that happiness that most other tactics bloggers feel while they get this approval from Google Adsense Team. I will not take much of your time but have it in mind that to get an approval from Google you have to be tricky and apply the necessary tricks needed in other for them not to see any reason not to accept your request.

What To Consider Before Applying For Google Adsense

We should have it in mind that, when Google says the will review your application within 2-3 days before getting back to you. They really mean that they will start reviewing your application within that said period and may not conclude the reviews base on how your website looks like. Also, the review is not done by a human being but a robot programmed to do that job and trust me, a programmed robot does its job well as it is been giving to it.

The other things there that matters is that your site design matters a lot, Google needs a site design where your visitors can navigate as they want so that they will have a nice user experience while on your blog. That's why Google default blogger themes have this friendly user interface that almost all individual will understand how to use.

How professional your blog look matters a lot, not in terms of design but in term of letting your visitors know what your blog is all about, your blog policy and how to get in touch with you if they have the need of inquiring things from you.

How To Apply For Google Adsense And Get Approval Quick

Coming to the main issue holding us here, it's simple to get approved by Google Adsense you do the right thing and leave them with no other choice than to give you what you want. Below features the things you should do and how to get them done. Note that this tricks best work for US and UK ads application.

A PC and VPN is required for usage for guaranteed approval. You can borrow a friend’s own or visit the Cyber Café (Internet Café) and use a PC there to apply for Google Adsense. But if you are going for Naija Adsense, there will be no need for a VPN

Also, you must have a website of your own because it is core factor in becoming an AdSense publisher; Before taking up the bold step to apply for Adsense you need to have a website.

Google set a lot of guidelines concerning the websites of publishers in the network and if you want to know how to get Adsense approval fast you must be compliant of all.

Content Categories/Types: Websites with sensitive niches or categories such as cracking, hacking, gambling or inappropriate contents are deemed illegal. Therefore, they will not be approved.

Traffic Source: Google won’t accept any website in any form of traffic exchange programs such as pay-to-click or Email Spam. Hence, traffic source is a major factor to note.

These four policies listed above are the most important for you to get Adsense approval fast, you have less to worry about the others.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval
Get a Gmail account. This is very necessary; Don’t make use of an old or existing Gmail account.

For Google, Adsense approval uses a top level domain. if you are using a domain such as .blogspot or .wordpress

then your chances of getting an approved Adsense is as slim. Below are some domain extensions I got approvals with easily…

  • .com
  • .net
  • .tk
  • .ml

Get a new website or use an existing one
The most important phase; I don’t advise using entertainment blog for this phase because most entertainment blogs may contain copied contents or very little word counts in content. Though entertainment blogs are approved but at very few occasions so I recommend a health website for this. The platform where the website is hosted doesn’t matter be it WordPress or Blogger; both which I recommend best. I use Blogger specifically for this.

Use a friendly theme
User-friendly themes have Google’s love with them that is why you ought to use a theme that is clean and responsive. I advise you use google default

Make Good Navigational pages
Important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms of condition and disclaimer must be present on your website. Google considers them highly important.

Traffic! Traffic! and more Traffic!

After posting the contents on your website it is time traffic comes into action. Though there are claims that AdSense doesn’t consider traffic as a factor for approval, I have confirmed that when I got approved with a website with little traffic. Going ahead without traffic will delay your Adsense approval, though I am yet to verify if Adsense approval doesn’t need traffic if you need to be approved within 10 – 24 hours then you need good traffic. A good amount is between 500 views to 3000 views.

Remove Third-Party AD Networks
To avoid your chances of getting approved from deducing remove all forms of third-party advertising networks from your website. Whether Medianet, Propeller Ads, Adrolls, And now, PopAds, Chitika, and many others; Just remove them and make your website free from adverts. If you want to get an edge above on how to get Adsense approval fast then please discard these third party Ads from your website before applying.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Step 1:

Make a new blog on blogger platform. Set it up and install an SEO friendly theme. Ensure to make the blog’s design clean.

Step 2:

Using a .tk domain. You can get a .tk or other extensions free at You can opt to use a .ml, .ga extension. Also, use a reflexive domain name that sounds okay.

Step 3:

Setup necessary pages such as:

About page
Contact page
Disclaimer Page
Privacy Policy Page
Terms of Service Page
Next thing is to add up these pages to your blog’s top navigation.

Step 4:

Visit There you will get the articles you will use for Adsense application. I recommend sorting for Health articles or Insurance articles. Pick a category based on my recommendations and copy the articles. Open two articles in two tabs, you will need to paste an article with 1000 words each on your blog so ensure that you copy to the word count.

Step 5:

Open “”, paste link that in your browser and open. Paste the two articles you copied from Ezine and rewrite them using the tool to remove plagiarism. Repeat this step till you have 50 articles on your blog.

Step 6:

Download Traffic Spirit Bot to supply traffic to the AdSense blog before approval. Although, Google said for Google Adsense approval they don’t take traffic into consideration Google is not trustworthy at times so traffic is necessary.

After downloading the software, keep your computer internet connection active and input your URL into the software, set a traffic limit and supply traffic to the website for a day.

Step 7:

Now go to and make your application

Step  8:
If you are going for UK or US ads, make sure you turn your VPN to US or UK then make the application. Also, go to to generate fake US or UK resident identity.

These 8 steps above will guarantee you Google Adsense approval within the first attempt.

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  1. Wonderful, can you help me out, am having a hard time!!

    1. Carefully follow the procedure listed above, your application will be approve.

  2. Well cool am using UK ads , I can help anyone get one commenting from Allinfobuzz

  3. Can this work for 9ja adsense?

    1. For sure it will work, Juts make sure you do not make use of VPN while applying for the Nigeria Adsense

  4. you are indeed a wizard in all kinds of browsing stuffs.

  5. wizprof...whats the diff between naija adsence nd uk or us own??

    1. There is no deferent between them only the country differences.

  6. If I use my old blog,they have rejected me trice, if I follow ur procedures but using my old blog will I still be granted ??

    1. yes of course. Just make sure you have the important pages on your blog and also make your template user friendly

    2. Ok thanks, review my site and tell me what I need to improve

    3. Your site is well set for Google adsense approval.

      What you need to do now is just to make sure you write unique posts at least two post per day, even if you have to copy, make sure you rewrite them on the SEO Tool Pro

      Then go ahead with your application.

    4. Ok thanks bro let me give it a trial

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