Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Guide To Browse With 9mobile Free YouTube Streaming Bonus Using AnonyTun

Hello guys, am glad to tell you that you can still use 9mobile free YouTube Streaming offer to those who purchase monthly data plan to power your phone. Though this free browsing cheat appears here later than usual but it's steel rocks than ever. It's very simple get it one is because the steps are so easy to follow.

If you have used 9Mobile Morecliq subscription, they will give you free Cliq4DNite data bonus to browse from 12aam to 5 am. while when you purchase a monthly offer, you stand a chance of getting over 2GB bonus for free to stream YouTube videos.

This offer is not for every 9Mobile subscribers but mostly work on 090 9mobile line and sometimes works on other types of 9Mobile line. So if you ever subscribe to the data plan, I will direct you on how to set it and get it to power your phone with the help of AnonyTun VPN both the official version and Beta version.

How To Browse With 9Mobile YouTube Stream Bonus Using AnonyTun VPN

  • After you must have subscribed for 9Mobile Morecliq and have gotten the free 2GB
  • Download and install AnonyTun official VPN from here or AnonyTun Beta version here
  • After downloading the version of AnonyTun you like
  • Launch it and Tap on STEALTH SETTINGS
  • Turn Stealth Tunnel ON
  • Select HTTP in the Connection Protocol
  • Input 8080, 80 or 8081 in the Connection Port
  • Turn Custom TCP/HTTP Headers ON
  • Now Tap on Edit Customer TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Input in URL/HOST as the proxy address
  • Select POST in Request Method
  • Select Normal in Injection Method
  • Tick Keep Alive and User Agent under Extra Headers
  • Now Tap on Generate and Then Save
  • Tap on the Connection button to get it connected

Now you can launch your browser and start surfing the net. 

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