Monday, 13 February 2017

See How To know Genuine And Fake Infinix Smartphone And Battery

For Infinix smartphone lovers, fake phones are all over the market and the most annoying part is that is that you can't distinguish between the original and the fake ones unless you are a professional.

Because of these Infinix has created a medium that you can spot out the original from the fake ones, Though there haven’t been any report of fake or counterfeit Infinix device but many Infinix phone users will, out of curiosity, like to know if their Infinix Smartphone is genuine or not. Infinix Mobility has made this possible by creating an online platform that will enable you to verify if your Infinix smartphone and battery is original.

How Do I Know If An Infinix Phone Or Battery Is Fake

Just fill in your the IMEI and VC number of your Infinix smartphone in box provided in the platform
Fill in the  IMEI of your Infinix phones which are usually written on the phone’s but you can alternatively get

the IMEI by dialing *#06#. For the VC number, you have to check on the battery or the phone itself. It is

usually found below the battery compartment.
After getting that two info, Infinix will let you know if your device is genuine or fake.
You can do the same for your Infinix battery but for the battery verification, you only need the Serial Number

(SN) of the battery and this is always found written on the battery)

Steps To Know If Your Infinix Phone Is genuine Or Fake

Step 1: Login into the Infinix Verification tool here

Step 2: Input your IMEI and VC number for Phone verification and SN for the battery.

Step 3: tap on Submit and wait for results.

You will get a result that will let you know if your Infinix phone is fake or Original.

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