Thursday, 9 February 2017

How To Browse Faster On MTN Network

Mostly this days network has been so dull in some area making browsing experience to be nothing to talk about. But what of if I tell you can speed up your browsing for a nice and better browsing experience no matter how bad your area seems to be, in this tutorial you do not need to tweak your device or use any third party app, all you have to do is just to change some settings in your APN.

To Browse Fast Using MTN Network

Most times the slowness in browsing is not always caused by low internet coverage in a particular area but also caused by APN settings and VPN app but with this tutorial, you can now start browsing in a high speed using MTN line all you have to do is follow

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Tap on Mobile Network or Cellular Network. 
  3. Tap on Access point and Names.  
  4. You will see your apn settings name 
  5. Tap on it (MTN NG) 

Configure it as bellow
  • APN -
  • APN type - Default, supl
  • Proxy - Not set
  • Port - Not set
  • Username - web
  • Password - 
Now SAVE the apn settings.
Go back and ON you data, then start browsing on an amazing speed.

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