Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bloggers Drop Your Blog URL For Blog Review

Bloggers this is your day as i have decide to look into somethings that will help promote your blog and also help you get more traffic to your blog.

One of the things that attract people to your blog is how responsive it is, you cant tell me to keep on visiting a blog that will take five minutes to load, eating my MB and killing my time too.

Many bloggers do not even know why the are not getting much traffics as the should because its a problem unknown to them, but today say good bye to some of does problems.

Why Are My Not Getting Traffic As I Suppose To ?

Bad Template:
The number one reason why bloggers lack traffic is the template the make us of, some template scare away visitors because of to many gadgets or too many designs.

Poor Content:
Poor content can also scare away visitors because the did not get what the wanted.
before i started blogging, i have visit so many blogs looking for one thing or the other, if i visit your blog and did not find valuable content i will never go back to it, but when i do find what i am looking for, sure i will bookmark your blog.

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Now for you to know all this, you need an expert, so what you just have to do is drop your blog URL so that i can review it for you and tell you were you should Improve and if you are need of blogger template let me know via the comment box

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  1. My blog URL

    1. Khay D Boss you blog has been reviewed, you have a nice blog with a responsive template but you still have to work on some area

      1. the analog clock on it is not all that nice so i think you should remove it.
      2. Add more pages Like Privacy Policy, Contact us, Advertise with us.
      3. I think you should make your blog more simple.

  2. My blog url is

    1. it has been reviewed. you have Nice blog and a nice template that fits your niche.

      Your template is slow, so do some thing about it.
      you need Google Ads because it will help you a lot. i will soon make a post on how to be approved for just 7 days. so keep in touch

      After that, all you need to do is get more people know about your blog, and the easiest way to do that is by comment on other blogs especially tech, entertainment and gist blogs.

  3. My Blog Url:

    Its a tutorial Blog.

  4. Replies
    1. Your blogs are on point, you have a nice blogs and a responsive template.

      But am not seeing ads on your blog so try and get one, update your sitemap, privacy policy, disclaimer then apply for Google ads as far as your URL is not up to a year.

      also comment on Nigerian blogs and forums like nairaland with your blog URL embedded so that your Alexa can also start ranking in Nigeria