Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook Picture and Status

Hello ladies and gentle men in the house, today we are going to be discussing on how to get unlimited facebook likes on one Facebook. Many Facebook users have wished the have many likes on a picture the upload on Facebook and also their status and post, though many tricks were working most of them have been blocked.

In this article, I will be given you a tutorial on how to get real likes on Facebook. There is no feature to get unlimited likes on one picture, but people developed lots of Facebook Auto Liker Websites which sends auto likes on your pictures and Status. Many Facebook user have wished to increase likes on their Facebook status and profile pictures. Most people go to the extent of message their friends to like their pictures to increase likes on it. But it’s too boring to work to get likes by messaging your friends. So we decided to share a trick to increase likes on Facebook.

There are many auto like website out there that can give you real likes from people, with this tricks you can get unlimited likes. All auto like websites is the same.

Info About Auto Like Website

Auto like websites, are websites that provide you auto likes on your Facebook photos and status. How they work? Whenever you log in to these sites through your Facebook Token access, they save your Token into their Database and provide your Likes from other people’s Tokens which are already saved in their Data. After that, they will also use your Token to send likes to other users. Some people think these are Fake likes, but they are wrong. All the likes are Real which are done from different people’s real Accounts by that auto like websites. That’s it! You can easily increase your Facebook Likes using these sites.

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Your Facebook


  • A Facebook Account.
  • You must be 18+ on your Facebook account.
  • All posts must be in “Public“.
  • Follower Settings must be in “Everybody“, so everyone can follow you.

How To Get The Unlimited Likes On Facebook

We are going to make use website, it is an auto liker website for Facebook by which we will get free automatic likes. You can also use any other Auto Liker website, Method of using them are same. So follow all the steps given below carefully to increase likes on your Facebook profile picture and status

1.  Log in to your Facebook account.
2.  Now go to any auto liker website. Below is the list of some auto liker websites

  • Royal Liker
  • Mg-Likers
  • Dj Liker
  • Sexy Liker

3.  Make sure you allow HTC App on your Facebook account
4.  You will get Successful message on new tab
5.  Now you have to Get Token, Click on Get Token button.
6.  A window will appear, Copy the URL of that tab (That is your Token)
7.  Now Paste it in Blank box and click on “Submit” button.
8.  Now select Auto Likes or Auto Comments. (Anything which you want)
9.  Select Auto Likes for Status or Photo.
10. Select your “Profile Picture” on which you want likes and click on “Submit“.
11. Done, It will start increasing likes on your profile picture.

That's how to go about unlimited likes on Facebook, as you can see its simple and take no much time to go about.

Your questions and comments are welcomed.

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