Friday, 23 June 2017

You Will Soon Be Able To Share Any Type Of File On Whatsapp

The Facebook-owned app Whatsapp has grown tp be one of the best instant messaging apps we have with many new features being added to it almost all the time. But seems the were on mute in adding new feature after the added 3 chat pin the feature that allows you to pin 3 three of you favorite chat on top so you could easily access it anytime you want.

But a new update had it that WhatsApp is currently testing some new functionality that is sure to be welcome by its many users. When it will be launch, you will be able to send any type of file to your contacts or groups. That's a marked improvement compared to what the situation is now: while you can send files, you're limited to specific types, like PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and slides.

So far we don't actually the reason of this file limitation, but this news comes as a relief to us as we can soon send any type of file that we want on Whatsapp. The new feature that let you share any file type is currently undergoing testing with a limited subset of users, and the rollout is very slow. So while it's pretty certain that you will get this, what's less clear cut is when. Still, it's on the way.

Also note that you'll be limited to a maximum file size of 128MB on iOS, 100MB on Android, and 64MB on WhatsApp Web. We don't know how those arbitrary limits came to be, but we assume they have something to do with WhatsApp not wanting its servers to crash under a load of millions of people's shared 4K videos.

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