Monday, 29 May 2017

Six (6) Best Email App For Android Device

Email is the best way we keep our business and communication going, email has helped us do away with unnecessary stress like going to the post office to post a mail or having to pay a dime to communicate with friends or relative as all you just need is internet connection and your smartphone or PC, though the only limit you have is the limitation of the size of file you are sending to the recipient, apart from that, it is one of the best services in the world that can be used on mobile phones as well. Android phones have gotten viral, and every single person is using these phones and the best part is that the emails can be accessed from these phones as well. The person just has to sync email Id, and, this will automatically get directed. After the raising of apps like Whatsapp, a light part of the email turned down. Though it is one of the professional ways to reach out anyone.

In this article, we are going to look into the best mail app on Android as far as 2017 is consign. Sit with me as I take you through then you can make your choice.

1. Gmail
When we talk about mail app, Gmail has always been the first thing that comes first to one's mind. Gmail is one of the popular android stock email app replacement that can be downloaded easily. They are built for Android, and there are ample advantages and features that are provided. It is a freeware, and it works similarly as on the computer systems. The user can also add date reminders on the phone. These features allow a user to interact easily with the interface.

Gmail also supports POP and IMAP that enables a user to add different accounts. It also has the option that allows downloading of the attachments only when WI- FI connections are available. This helps in saving the data that is used for accessing the internet.

2. Boxer
Boxer is another amazing mail application that gives you what you want as Gmail The basic purpose of the app is to provide a swipe feature and allow the user to empty the inbox easily as its been build by application is built by gestures

Push notifications are also the feature that is included in it. It also supports POP3 and icloud. This is one of the major email providers and a perfect Gmail alternative for Android.

3. Type Mail
Type mail is also considered to be one of the best Android mail apps out there because it has some cheesy features that help in simplifying the mailing process. This app helps in providing unified accounts along with smart push messages.

The conversations are threaded, and it renders a landscape view to the users. This is the most powerful feature of this application.

4. Cloud Magic
Here is where the mail magic comes in, Cloud Magic is loaded with different things and is a combination of different emails. It supports Gmail, apps of Google and IMAP. Exchange and Outlook are also the things that are –provided by the application. Evernote services are also added in it, and it also allows dropping the emails in other applications as well.

5. Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook supports mail and icloud making it heartthrob app which you would probably like to have a test of. There is a quick swipe action that enables fast achieve and schedule of emails. It divides the inbox into two segments and also integrates the calendar. The filter feature is also the best because it helps in sorting the unread emails and flagged messages.

6. My Mail
My Mail app has a very unique feature that separates it from the other mailing applications that are used on the Android operating system. It pulls the pictures and the logos from the emails automatically. When this app is used, it becomes easier to switch on different accounts quickly.

Hotmail, Yahoo, and MSN are also the platforms that are accessible through MyMail application. This is easy to use and a very handy app that is developed for the users.

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