Friday, 5 May 2017

Latest Update On Gmail For Android Now Has Anti-Phishing Ability

Phishing is the most used method by hackers to hack your banking, shopping and email passwords, the email will camouflage and appear as a legitimate email to the receiver and sometimes has headlines along the lines of "PayPal" "Payoneer" and other top platforms. The end game of these hackers is to get their way around your password and login details but thanks to Google as the have begun to tackle the problem. Google's Gmail app now intends to help you spot the scammers before it's too late.

Google has implemented a phishing warning on Gmail app for Android before now Gmail users only dependent on their own skills and abilities to distinguish legitimate from fraudulent emails, websites, and downloads. However, the new system is designed to prevent you from opening suspicious links. Instead, a full-screen warning will be displayed.

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I guess why google decide to implement this was because the were a victim of a phishing scam. The latest email scam pretended to be a Google Doc, which then asked for your permission to read your email contacts. The scam then spread throughout your entire contact list.

On like before where you have to report emails as phishing scam or fraud, now you have to identify and mark flagged emails as safe, this is the better time to have this new Gmail updates because scammers and this phishing scam method has gotten out hands. Most times, mostly on smartphone, it tends to be more difficult for users to distinguish a fraud attempt from a serious email. Often, only a closer look at the URL will allow you to distinguish between real and fake (though even this isn't a guarantee), which isn't always the easiest thing to do on mobile. Security apps also rarely provide adequate protection, as scammers tend to be one step ahead of security companies.

Have you a victim of a phishing email before? How were you able to protect yourself?

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