Monday, 17 April 2017

How To Calibrate Your Android Phone Compass

Most times you just find it hard to perform some easy task on an android phone, you may try to find your way around your smartphone. and the arrow in your navigation app does not point in the right direction it should, rarely moves around or doesn't move at all. If you facing this very problem, having a hard time using your smartphone to tell the direction you're facing, your phone's compass needs to be recalibrated. In this article, i will show you how to easily fix it.

Rotating the device on each axis a few times to calibrate the compass

To calibrate you phone compass is easy to do, now assuming you have Google Map (which I know actually all android smartphone has) open the app and follow these simple steps:

  • Hold your phone as you normally would. Then, while the phone is still facing you, tilt the top of your phone forward (away from you) and backward (toward you).
  • Now, hold the phone as you normally would, upright with the screen facing you. Then turn it to face to your left, then to your right.
  • Next, hold your phone upright as you normally would again. Then, while the phone still faces you, tilt the top of the phone from one side to the other (like you're switching to landscape mode).

Making use of third party apps

The other alternative is to install an app from Google play store, the app will help in telling you the status of your compass and other sensors, which will then help you know when to calibrate them. GPS Essentials, for example, does just this.

Just head over to play store by clicking here, then download and install GPS Essentials>> Launch it and follow the on screen guide to set it up.

Meanwhile, if you still face the issue, let us know by dropping your comment.

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