Thursday, 27 April 2017

Best Five(5) File Manager Apps For Android 2017

How do you manage files on your phone? It's quite hard to manage files on your phone especially when your phone internal memory is filled up with files most especially the ones you no longer make use of. When you purchase a new phone, you are liable to download much unuseful crap then at the end of the day you may not know the exact place they files are being stored or you may be too lazy to uninstall installed ones.

Today on the android apps store, there are many able fIle manager and I am going to share 5 of the best for 2017 with you. So, pay attention and take notes because this is vital for the organization of your phone and your favorite files in it!

Best five(5) free 2017 File Manager apps 

1. File Manager by ASUS
Are you the type that loves a simple looking file manager? I think you will love this one! The File Manager by ASUS is very simple, with an interface that by all means justifies its download. It is efficient, easy to understand and accesses files regardless of where they’re located internal memory, SD Card, Network or a Cloud-OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive.

The homepage shows all your files- images, videos, music, pdf, etc, categorically along with, the capacity of storage in your internal memory and MicroSD. You can also Wirelessly transfer files between PC & Mobile. Supports all smartphones and is advertisement free! Truly the best to suit all. (Download it here)

2. ES File Explorer
ES file explorer is another better choice for you to go for The interface itself is pretty colorful and quite easy to use. The menu displays tons of options that you can choose to enable/disable. You can also rename, delete, add folders, and clean up memory space as well. The ‘Analyzer’ really comes in handy when it comes to keeping the MicroSD and Internal storage free from garbage! Every now and then you require some cleaning. The amazing thing by far is the ‘Gesture’ feature where you can record certain gestures that would perform

certain functions within the App. It is another best option if you’re seeking something without annoying ads and works at full capacity for a free version. (Download it here)

3. Solid Explorer
This file manager is best known for  ‘Drag N’ Drop’ feature. The dual panel display enables you to switch between two separate folders simultaneously and use the ‘drag & drop‘ feature to move files around. Very simple, with an interactive User Interface and also it integrates with cloud networks- Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. and Chromecast. (Download it here)

4. AirDroid
Have you ever wondered if you can remote control with just file management technique? Well, you can stop wondering as AirDroid is here! It’s an Android app that syncs phone and computer and gives you a remote file control management. The app is so far ahead with its features that it enables the user to access files from any web browser.

Android also allows you to move files & folders wirelessly to and from the device, even run the apps and receive notifications in the form of SMS. You can also install/uninstall apps from a remote location. It has a built-in system that secures your data and in a case of breach, you can lock or even erase all your confidential information remotely. (Download it here)

5. Amaze File Manager
This file manager is an open-source app that has all the grounds covered regarding local file management. The user can view their frequently used folders for movies, pictures or downloads, etc. in a shortcut tab and also bookmark folders that are used a lot, quite handy actually. The app has a support system for FTP and SMB connections, and also has a built-in feature for app management and ZIP file and also a Root Explorer for rooted Android smartphones/tablets.

The only drawback is, it does not have a support for Cloud Storage Management, such a shame! But if you are seeking a local storage manager then this is one of the best, without a doubt! (Download it here)

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